Monday, November 12, 2018

The Big Move....Maybe

Hey, all! This is just a post to say I'm going to be trying out making video logs for a little while. Not sure how long I might do it, but I think it'll be a fun experiment. Hope you like this first one! :)

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Renji's Evolution!

Digital Monster Version 1 (Japanese)

Name: Renji
Species: Greymon
Level: Adult
Age: 8 Weight: 30g
Win Percentage: 31%

Yes, indeed, Renji has evolved! Turns out, he wasn't entirely mute after all. Every now and again I get some scratchy beeps from him when he's training or I'm scrolling through the menu.

He battled Penn, who evolved into a Unimon (and later an Andromon), so I'm waiting for him to evolve into MetalGreymon any day now. I'll have to get a shot of all four original Digimon once he does. :)

In other news, it's finally June! Which means the Digimon Pendulum Ver. 20th should be shipping soon! :D I'm super ecstatic about it, and I also can't wait until the special versions (which feature Dukemon and Beelzemon color schemes) are available to pre-order. 

Well, once Renji evolves into his final form, I'm thinking of doing another run or two before the Pendulum 20ths get here. If you've got a preference, here are the ones I'm thinking about doing:

- Morino Tamagotchi (because it's summer and I'm reminded of bug catching :P )
- Tamagotchi Connection V3 (because it's a little easier with the pause feature)
- Digimon Pendulum (versions 1,2 or 3)
- Digimon Mini
- A special run where I raise some Digimon on my newly arrived Digital Monster Ver. Wonderswan! 

Anyhow, that's all for now! See you next week, and thanks for stopping by! :)

Saturday, May 26, 2018

Introducing Renji & the Gang!

Hey, all! Been quite a long time, but I thought I would drop in and say hello. :P

Today, we got a new friend! Introducing Renji the Version 1!

The first picture is of him as I have him, and the second was the seller's image. You might notice that he's got a Digital Monster Version 3 case and background. This, I assume, was the sellers doing, and made me want him because I liked the novelty. This, unfortunately, means that his sound wires were cut, so our dear Renji is a mute. But we love him anyway. :)

Digital Monster Version 1 (Japanese)

Name: Renji
Species: Koromon
Level: Baby II
Age: 0 Weight: 10g

You might have guessed, but his name comes from the way the Japanese pronounce "orange" (like "or-en-gee"), which I felt was appropriate since I now have an American V1 and a Japanese V1. I thought it would also be fitting to try and start up these logs with a brand new Digimon to follow.


I won't get too far into everyone else I have going at the moment (I've got most of them on pause), but I will give them a little spotlight:

Leon (original V4) - Piximon/Piccolomon
Raku (original V2) - Vademon
Penn (original V3) - Patamon
Digital Monster Version 20th (Red./Brown) - Greymon (special egg) & BaoHackmon.

I have managed to raise quite a lot of monsters in the past few months, and I also need to tell you about some of the new V-Pets and Tamas I've got/ordered since we last spoke:

- Digital Monster Ver. 20th (Alphamon Color)
- Tamagotchi P1 (green/white) --There's a story behind this one that I'll tell at another time.--
- Wonderswan & Digital Monster Ver. Wonderswan (Yes, not strictly a V-Pet, but I got the thing solely for the purpose of playing that game. ^^')
- Ordered (not here yet) the new Digimon Pendulum Ver. 20th, one of each color. VERY excited for those ones. X)
- Renji, obviously. :P

And with Renji came a couple of little manuals I got from the same site for pretty cheap. Here there are:

Love them! X)

Anyhow, for those wondering what happend to Shen and Long, they did indeed become Slayerdramon and Breakdramon. They jogressed to Examon, and became Shenlong! Since then, I've managed to raise an Omegamon and Alphamon, as well as a number of other guys.

I also participated in the second D-1 tournament, but didn't make it past the second round. :/

Well, that's it for now. I'll try and keep you updated more regularly! ^^'

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Blue Dragon, Green Dragon

Hey, all! Just a quick update on our little digital buddies. :) Here's a little sketch I did of them in their current forms! (In the style of the Digimon V-Tamer comic, of course. :P)

Digital Monster Ver. 20th (Brown/Red)

Name: Shen
Species: Coredramon (Blue)
Level: Adult
Age: 5 Weight: 20g
Single Battle: 100%
Tag Battle: 100%

Name: Long
Species: Coredramon (Green)
Level: Adult
Age: 5 Weight: 20g
Single Battle: 87%
Tag Battle: 100%

It was definitely a relief to be able to tell them apart once they evolved to their adult level this morning! ^^' I had to pause them most of the day the other day, so that would be why they took so long to evolve. I had them battle a number of double battles together, and some single battles (Long got a little unlucky on one of his battles, which is why his win percentage is lower.) Now the hard part---making sure I don't accidentally neglect them! XP

DV-pet Alpha

Name: Ven
Species: Goblimon
Type: Virus
Level: Child
Age: 1 Weight: 25g
Favorite Time of Day: Noon
Favorite Food: Fish
Favorite Attribute: Vaccine

So....Zeke did not last. ^^' The game apparently does not stop once you exit, and I was only able to come back to it periodically. I did discover a pause feature, but unfortunately you can't leave it paused and close it. I started a new game and had it run on the faster in-game clock mechanic to get our new little guy past baby level. He has thusfar managed to survive to child level, so we'll see how far we can go with him. Here's hoping!

Anyhow, that's all for now. Catch you guys later! :)

Monday, October 30, 2017

Alas, Poor Leon, Poor Pendragon! :(

We knew them well...

Yes, indeed, our poor intrepid pair did not last the week. I believe I made too many care mistakes for them to evolve past adult, and so they lived to the ripe old age of 10 before a busy evening when I forgot to pause them. They died within hours of each other. :( I could hear the beeps, but do nothing for them...

The first to go was Leon...

Rest in peace, boys....our time together was all too short!

And so we will let the Blue/Gray Version 20th rest in peace for a while. We'll hop back over to the Red/Brown Version 20th, and we'll be going for a new jogress evolution with our two new Digimon partners, Shen & Long! (Yes, it is very much a pun, but it will pay off if we can get them to jogress. :P )

Digital Monster Ver. 20th (Brown/Red)

Name(s): Shen & Long
Species: Babydmon
Level: Baby II
Age: 0 Weight: 10g

I started up our brown/red Ver. 20th, which I last raised Zen the Durandamon on, and selected the Coredramon (Blue) and Coredramon (Green) eggs.

They hatched rather quickly, and we were on our way! Hi, Shen and Long! 

I somehow always forget that their evolution time is shortened by quite a lot---I'm always expecting that it will take an hour. But ten minutes passed and they evolved into Babydmon! 

And that is how we ended the night! (They were born last night, I simply wasn't able to finish this post then.)

Today, I had them asleep for most of the day, so they've been pretty quiet. and as I'll be out and about again, it might be a little while before we get them to child stage. ^^'

I have a little bonus fella to show all you guys, though! Over on With the Will Digimon forums, there is a guy who has an alpha version of a PC V-pet out, and it's already looking really awesome! If you want to go check it out for yourself, you can do that here

You can raise multiple Digimon, but I'm going to take it slow and just do one for now. :) Meet Zeke!

DV-pet Alpha

Name: Zeke
Species: Punimon
Type: N/A
Level: Baby I
Age: 0 Weight: 18g
Favorite Time of Day: Noon 
Favorite Food: Meat
Favorite Attribute: Data

As you can see, this PC V-pet has LOTS of different variables attributed to the pet you're currently raising. It has favorite things, can end up refusing to do what you want it to if it's enthusiasm is too low, and lots of other things. (Read the thread on that forum if you want to know more.) So this little guy is going to be a lot more nuanced than most virtual pets I've raised. Should be exciting! You'll hear about him from time to time, though the main focus will still be on our new dragon pair. 

Anywho, that's all for now! Take it easy, gang! :)

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Returning & Remembering

Well, hey, all! It has been quite a long time! ^^' Suffice it to say, things have been rather busy. What with my religious, employment, and other responsibilities, I've been rather tied up. I've tried to refrain from doing too much with my Digimon 20th Versions, so that I wouldn't leave you guys out, but there will be some things to update you on. 

I'll start off by sharing a bit of artwork of my current partners! It is a tad bit out of date, as I was planning to put it up the other day, and between then and now, the stinkers evolved on me. :P So consider this is sort of a "snapshot" of the pair from the other night. Everyone, I would like you to meet Leon & Pendragon!

Leon & Pendragon Sleeping! X)
Digital Monster Ver. 20th (Blue/Gray)

Name: Leon
Species: BaoHackmon
Level: Adult (Champion)
Age: 4 Weight: 20g
Single Battle: 0% Win (No Battles)
Tag Battle: 100% Win

Name: Pendragon
Species: Unimon
Level: Adult (Champion)
Age: 4 Weight: 30g
Single Battle: 0% Win (No Battles)
Tag Battle: 100% Win

I don't really have an explanation for the name Leon---I just thought it would be cool. :P Pendragon (Perhaps Penn for short?), though, is in honor of our dearly departed Arthur, who was one of the guys we started this blog out with. I'll be aiming to raise him into a Mega-level HiAndromon by the end of this run, so that should be fun. :)

An ironic thing I noticed about the two when they were Hackmon and Patamon---Penn weighed 20g as a Patamon while Leon weighed only 15g as a Hackmon! Chubby little guy, Penn is. :P

They evolved this morning, but for some reason Leon was quicker about it and evolved when I wasn't looking, while Penn took his sweet time--which let me catch him when he did it. :J Probably had to do with the fact that one evening this week, Leon woke up from a nap I'd put them on and was up for a whole hour before going back to sleep, while Penn slept on. Crazy night owl!

Memorial (Digital Monsters Ver. 20th)

Here, I would like to remember the partners who have gone on to the "Megalithic Mainframe". (For those of you who get the reference. :P ) You might be curious to know if I participated in the online D-1 Grand Prix hosted by Bandai a few months ago. I did indeed participate, but I did not get very far. Thankfully, I made it past the first round, but that was as far as I got. ^^' Here's the screenshot of where I fell in the bracket (outlined in red):

Yes, indeed! The partners I entered for this tournament were Bean and Rusty! :P

Bean eventually evolved into Aegisdramon, and then RustTyrannomon, jogressing with a copy of Rusty's data. I unfortunately did not get any pictures, so a recreation of the LCDs of each of them will have to suffice...

Cosmo & Bean

Duke & Wulf

And another guy who I raised for a while on his own, Zen the Durandamon!


Well, folks, that'll be it for now! Until next time! :D

Thursday, July 13, 2017

RIP Ace & Rusty...

Well, there certainly has been a lot going on. I regret to inform you that Ace and Rusty have indeed passed away. They did have a long life, though---reaching about 17 and 16 respectively. Rusty passed while I was busy with something I was in charge of yesterday evening, and Ace passed right before I went to bed last night. May they find peace in the Megalithic Mainframe.

Digital Monster Ver. 20th (Brown/Red)

Name: Duke
Species: Babydmon
Level: Baby II
Age: 0 Weight: 10g

Name: Wulf
Species: Tsunomon
Level: Baby II
Age: 0 Weight: 10g

After his death sequence, Ace left me an egg! I assume Rusty did the same, though I did not get to see it. This must mean I took good care of them, if my experience with other Tamagotchi and Digimon is anything to go off of. I was able to select 3 new eggs, pictured below. I selected the black egg with cracks in it, as I knew this was a Dracomon egg. I'll raise a Hackmon and Zubamon egg at some point, too, but I really like Dracomon. :) I also think it appropriate to rechristen our baby Digimon. It took a while to settle on some names, but I finally have decided to go with Duke and Wulf (after Beowulf). They're pretty on-the-nose names, but you should probably expect that sort of thing of me by now. :P I'm hoping that Wulf will grow up to be CresGarurumon so that Cosmo and he will be able to become Omegamon Alter-S.

Digital Monster Ver. 20th (Blue/Gray)

Name: Cosmo
Species: BlitzGreymon
Level: Ultimate (Mega)
Age: 9 Weight: 50g
Single Battle: 87% Win
Tag Battle: 87% Win

Name: Bean
Species: Megadramon
Level: Ultimate (Mega)
Age: 9 Weight: 50g
Single Battle: 91% Win
Tag Battle: 87% Win

These guys have grown quite a bit in the interem! ^^' I'm still waiting on Bean to evolve to Aegisdramon, at which point I'll use Rusty's data (which I copied to Cosmo & Bean's device) to evolve Bean to RustTyrannomon---a very appropriate last tribute to Rusty. :P

That's all for now, folks! Till next time.